King’s Scholars in School

A free scheme of work by King’s College London for KS2/3 pupils that expands knowledge of university and develops metacognitive skills.

Designed by King’s College London’s Widening Participation Department, this 6 lesson scheme of work is designed to equip KS2/3 students with:

By the end of the scheme, pupils will be able to:

  • Deploy metacognitive study skills to support them in their studies
  • Describe who is at university
  • Describe elements of student life
  • Explain the differences between campus and city universities, and between living at home or in student accommodation
  • Explain how university learning is different to school learning
  • Detail the financial support available to students
  • Explain why university offers superb social opportunities
  • Explain why they should go to university
  • Explain how to get to university
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University access knowledge and metacognition

The scheme of work includes worksheets, resources, videos and more. For instance, check out this video from lesson 1 of Professor Ben Bowling explaining what his job entails:

In addition King’s Scholars in School will also teach your pupils metacognitive skills.

Metacognitive skills are designed to make you think, about thinking. More specifically, they allow you to select, use and evaluate different learning strategies, and trust us, they really work! Research suggests that if you deploy metacognitive skills throughout your studies, you can massively increase your chances of the top grades.

King’s Scholars in Schools teaches pupils these invaluable skills using 2 simple mnemonics: KING’S SCHOLAR and SOCKS stops. Watch the video to find out more.

Students can learn about university study from King’s professors, explore university life with King’s students, watch and take notes during a mock lecture, debate the merits of a campus or city university, compare university to school, get to grips with student finance and more!

Meanwhile, through a variety of learning tasks pupils can learn and deploy their metacognitive skills!  Throughout the 6 lessons they will use skills such as summarising, note taking and mind-mapping, while frequent SOCKS stops encourage self reflection and planning.

The scheme of work also includes a variety of creative tasks to keep pupils engaged, such as speech writing, poetry, presentation making, competitive quizzes, advert designing and more.

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Why not try too?

Designed by King’s College London, is a free games-based website that allows 10-14 year olds and their parents to explore university. Using games, videos and animations, the site offers pupils interactive advice and guidance on how to access top universities. Designed to be used either in short sessions as a stand-alone site, or in a more structured lesson based format with accompanying lesson plans, the site can be accessed both at home and at school. Parents too are be provided with a wide range of information, expert advice and crucial hints and tips, enabling them to effectively support their child

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